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The Marian Franciscans "Pathway to Salvation" comprises 4 main steps which will allow you through the Immaculate Mediatrix of All Graces, to have a deep and profound love for Our Mother.

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Ave Maria!

The way we manifest our love for Mary is by making the Marian Consecration to Her. We hand ourselves over to our Heavenly Mother as Her "Slave" according to the 33-day formula initiated by St. Louis Grignon de Montfort. Now, would you like to hand yourselves over in a more 'profound' way and become the 'absolute property' of Our Lady and to be consecrated to Her "without limits"...?


The Marian Vow


This is the reality brought forward in the course of history by St. Maximilian Kolbe and it is called 'The Marian Vow'. It has been made available to the Lay Faithful with the help of Fr. Stefano Manelli. Would you like to participate in this new journey to 'love' Our Lady in the way She deserves? This is what the Marian Franciscans are proposing now to YOU. 


What it means for you...

You may ask the question "What does this mean practically?". Some of you may already be living a daily life even more sacrificial than the minimum requirements, which are as follows:



Rising early in the morning (around 6 o’clock) promptly without delay, asking Our Lady's Blessing, followed by morning prayer and possibly meditation (c.30 minutes) on a spiritual text (e.g. the Gospel, the Scriptures, the life of a saint, or other spiritual texts especially Marian and Franciscan).


During the day

Time should be found for Holy Mass, Communion and Thanksgiving, the Holy Rosary (possibly all 15 decades) and spiritual readings with the recitation of the Angelus in the morning, at noon and at Vespers.


Closing the day 

Evening prayer and with the Blessing of the Madonna for the night.


What to do next
Pray to Our Lady and ask Her to inspire in your heart a ‘burning desire’ to love Her more and thus participate in this ‘Royal Blue Marian Pathway’ to render to Jesus Christ the glory He deserves and for the sanctification and salvation of all souls.


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