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Fides Catholica
Fides Catholica Logo
Fides Catholica Logo

Father Serafino Lanzetta of the Marian Franciscans is the editorial director of Fides Catholica, an Italian theological journal which is released every six months. The magazine  is mainly characterized by a triple educational section: Historica, in which theological issues which unfold in a historical context are examined; Theologica, in which various areas of sacred knowledge are explored whilst always having as a guideline a theological-critical reading; and Commentaria, which is dedicated first of all to the deepening of knowledge of the Pontifical Magisterium, then to significant theological works.

At the moment Fides Catholica can only be accessed in the Italian language, but  we advise you to check out the Fides Catholica Website.

Linked to Fides Catholica is also a YouTube channel where Father Serafino gives catechesis and streams a live show every Monday afternoon at 4.30 pm GMT. He takes questions in the live show so if you are interested be sure to check it out.

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